Based in London, UK
Genre: Rock, Alternative, Grunge 
Label: Unsigned

“Primal, and how (rock) should be

– James Curran, Head of Music, Absolute     Radio
Amir Khan – Vocals, Guitar
Chris Campion – Lead Guitar
Dany Jones - Bass
Dave Guy - Drums
Black Sixteen were formed in 2012 by singer/songwriter and DIY film maker Amir Khan, who picked the name Black Sixteen using a random word generator to let the name pick the band rather than vice versa. 
Through extensive gigging around London, Black Sixteen have made a name for themselves as a visceral and emotionally engaging live act. Among their career highlights they have won fan voted competitions to play UK festivals, received radio airplay in the US and have supported acts such as Warrior Soul and Zodiac Mindwarp. 

Chris Campion joins on lead guitar. Chris is visually impaired and highly active in the disabled arts, most recently having performed a series of one man shows on the fringe circuit. His musical resume boasts acts such as Kumi and the Triumph of Love, and Florence Joelle's Ring of Fire.
Dany Jones, previously of established acts such as Kopperhed and The Kut, brings her feisty Italian energy on bass. Among her career highlights she has supported acts such as Backyard Babies, Hatebreed, and has performed live with Cherie Currie of The Runaways. 
Dave Guy, an accomplished multi-instrumentalist joins on drums. A versatile musician with a genuine passion for what he does, Dave has played a multitude of instruments with bands such as Kopperhed and Gasoline Thrill, and is also currently performing with Grace Solero and The Day of Locusts.

Sometimes vulnerable and sometimes visceral, Black Sixteen are a dynamic and emotionally charged rock band with a candy heart. 

The new single 'Feak' is their second release since their eponymous 2012 debut EP. During this time the band has evolved their sound and written new material live, keeping it in a state of evolution from show to show. 


'Freak', mixed and mastered by Marc McClusky (Weezer, Bad Religion)  is a song with multi layered themes. It is about being persecuted for being different. It is also a twisted love song for twisted hearts.. about falling in love with someone who is broken in the same places as you.

'Freak' is now available to download and stream from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all other digital outlets. A limited run of physical copies will be made available at their shows, alongside their last single 'Drown'. 

Black Sixteen will next be appearing at a showcase show at Nightclub Kolis on 24 March, and will be performing at Camden Rocks Festival 2018.

"The personification of something beautiful and pure being destroyed and melting away in to something darker.” 
Lisa Fox


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Booking and Management:
Amir Khan